Ærøgården was built in 1910 and served for many, many years as "Ommel Brugsforening"

In the early seventies, the organization bought the good ship Fulton, Ærøgården. Kleven harbor was well suited for Fulton to stay over in winter and it was the plan that Ærøgården should be winter stay for the crew and the boys on board. The plan was never realized, Skipper Mogens Frohn became unfamiliar with the daily leader at Ærøgården, and the farm instead became the residence of five boys, placed for social reasons.

Later, "Project Fulton Ærøgård" was collectivized and became part of the collective children's and youth environments in Denmark.


Now Ærøgården is on private hands and it is the vision to create a framework for socializing and good experiences for families, groups, couples and single for cheap money.

We actually think we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the kingdom. We would really like to share with our guests.

We regularly have guests from all of Denmark, but also from parts of the big world.
Guests from Korea, USA, China, Japan, Germany and New Zealand and many other countries have made their way past Kirkevejen 16 in Ommel and have had exciting experiences they have brought home.


Kirkevejen 16, Ommel
5960 Marstal


Tlf.: +45 52301307   

E-mail: Kontakt@Ærøgå


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