Kirkevejen 16, Ommel
5960 Marstal

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By train and bus ...
If you come from the metropolitan area or Central and North Jutland, take a train to Nyborg and from here on the bus to Svendborg, and from there the ferry to Ærøskøbing.
One can advantageously look for orange departures, then go by train to Odense and continue on to Svendborg.
If you come from southern Jutland, it is advantageous to take a bus to Fynshav and from there the ferry to Søby on Ærø.
From Ærøskøbing and Søby there are free buses to Marstal harbor. From here there are three kilometers to Ommel, which you can either walk elsewhere in the taxi.
Order +45 20 40 96 90 or +45 20 20 20 32. The taxi costs approx. 90, - and run in large cars with space for many.

With car...
The route from Zealand is the same. Turn off the motorway towards Nyborg and drive from here to Svendborg.
Coming from Jutland, take the highway from Odense to Svendborg.
Coming from Sønderjylland, take the ferry Fynshav - Søby.
Remember to book your ferry ticket for your car. Also important to order the return trip, as it is often sold out on weekends and on public holidays.

By bicycle...
If you come from the metropolitan area, cycling down Falster and Lolland, take the Tårs - Spodsbjerg ferry. From here on to Svendborg and the ferry to Ærøskøbing.
From Nord- and Midtjylland from Middelfart over Fåborg, where you can take a ferry to Søby, or on to Svendborg and from here the ferry to Ærøskøbing.
From Sønderjylland to Fynshav and from here the ferry to Søby on Ærø.
From Ærøskøbing there is a bike path (nr 92) along the water of Ommel and is at approx. 9 km.

In a boat
The creek farm has land directly down to the beautiful Kleven harbor. Leisure sailors are very welcome.
The price for staying here is DKK 100, - per person. Night incl. power consumption.
The harbor has a toilet and a bath and electricity can be drawn.
Coordinates of Kleven Harbor
Width: 54.86969644361691 Longitude: 10.477803604199153
When sailing into the bay of Kleven it is important to stay between the stone carts on their way into the harbor.
You can use the facilities of Ærøgård in accordance with agreement.

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